ALIVIO centrum - Detail uživatele: Mgr. Petra Mocová
Mgr. Petra Mocová
psychologická a výživová poradkyně
tel: 606420636     e-mail:

I provide psychotherapy and nutritional counseling, either separately or combined depending on your needs.

I graduated from Social Sciences (BA Psychology, Sociology) at Maastricht University, and then I gained my master degree in Social work and applied psychotherapy in Prague. I have five years postgraduate training in Gestalt psychotherapy. I have also passed training in coaching, relaxation techniques and nutritional counseling. Additionally, I have attended several other courses on psychological and nutritional topics.

My professional experience includes six years working in a therapeutic community for people with personality disorders and addictions. At the moment I work at the psychotherapeutic centre Alivio. Alongside this I lecture in healthy weight loss.



My goal in psychotherapy is to create a supportive and safe environment where we can work together to find the causes of your problems. I can also help you understand yourself better, learn to break unhelpful habits and find the resources you need to satisfy your aims. During our sessions I will help connect your thinking, emotions and physical experience. I believe when these areas are in balance, and you learn to be kind to yourself, you will be able to manage difficult situations in a healthier way. This will then positively influence your whole life.

In therapy some of the topics we can work on are:

  • stress, exhaustion
  • relationships
  • anxieties
  • psychosomatic illnesses
  • self-confidence
  • addictions, etc.


Nutritional counseling

Regarding nutritional counseling, it will be my pleasure to teach you how to eat healthily, regularly and tastefully. Together we will search for the right exercises to help you take better care of yourself and enjoy life. We will work together step-by-step toward a bigger sustainable change. It is important that you find these steps pleasant (otherwise you can never maintain them in the long run). I also work with the psychological aspect of weight loss.

Note: I do not work with people with serious illnesses (e.g. diabetes, celiac disease). This falls under the competence of a nutritional therapist or a physician.

I also do not prescribe tailor-made eating plans. Metaphorically, I do not give a fish; rather I teach how to fish. It is perhaps a harder way, nevertheless, I believe more enjoyable and sustainable in the long run.